House of One Studios offers services in pre-production, production, post-production, or any combination of the three.



Considered to be the most important step of the filmmaking process, pre-production can help you develop the framework for a successful project. House of One will help you through this crucial step by offering consultation in regards to story, concept, development, locations, video recording format, sound recording format, as well as other pre-production aspects. 



The production stage of filmmaking brings your vision to life. Through the use of 4k-capable cameras, high-end lighting equipment, and modern audio recording devices, House of One's skilled crew members will make sure your visual story looks and sounds the best it possibly can. 



Post-production is the final frontier before your visual story is realized and ready to be shared with the world. As such, it requires a great amount of care and attention to detail. At House of One, we give each project the post-production treatment it needs to impress every member of the audience. This entails intricate video and sound editing as well as stylish motion graphics. 

Have a specific budget in mind? We will happily work with you to build a production package that accommodates your financial requirements.


Stock Footage

House of One also offers an ever-growing collection of stock footage captured in full HD and 4K resolution available on Pond5.

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